November 2, 2010

Trick-or Treat

The girls were invited to a Halloween Party. The girls knew that it's not our culture and even if so, our family would not practise that kind of festivities. So it was hard for them to say no to a friend who invited them. Zoe was not interested at all. She didn't like scary costumes, she said. Naomi, the more sociable type, wanted to but we had to help her think through it. She's going to a costume party and not to a Halloween party. Those people who organized the party didn't really know why they're celebrating it. They just wanted to go with the flow. Big brother read to us the history of Halloween. The more Zoe didn't want to go.

So, it was resolved. Naomi was going and had to decide what costume to wear. Read more of the story in her blog. She would be thrilled to have more people visit her. Well, we all do!

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  1. Such Colorful Pictures!! Love her costume!!


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