November 27, 2010

Saturday Sightings Week # 4

Two weeks ago, I saw this interesting bread (that smelled so good) displayed in one grocery store. I discovered later that they are not to be eaten. It's for the big celebration that was coming.

Last Sunday, Thailand celebrated an important festivity called Loi Kratung. Loi Kratung is a Buddhist festival float a small raft called "kratung" decorated with flowers, incense and candles on the river.

Last year I saw kratungs made of plastic and banana trunk. But this time I saw ones made of bread. I think this is a better idea because it not only save the river from clogging but it also makes fish enjoy the festivity.

In areas far from the river, people managed to go to swimming pools to float their kratungs. It is more a religious than a cultural celebration.

 It's interesting to see how parents encourage their children to follow this religious practice. I just had a talk with one parent who now became a christian. He said that this year he forbid his daughter to go with her friends to the river to celebrate Loi Kratung. "My daughter thought it was just for fun but she has to understand that it's a form of worshiping the river."

Another part of Loi Kratung is sending to the sky a hot air balloon or lighted lantern which they call "Koomb".

This was taken from the balcony in my bedroom. My camera didn't do justice to that spectacular sighting that night.

What are your sightings for this week? Share one or more photos that you think interesting and worth-sharing. Please see more of the guidelines here.


  1. Ruth, your post was very interesting. I know little of Thai culture; you helped give insight into something that seems so far away to me! Thank you for posting.


  2. Nice to see the world around you! Happy 1st Advent!

  3. those are nice pictures. too bad, I was not able to prepare my Saturday Sightings entry.

    btw, about your question regarding the writing jobs, I would be happy to discuss it with you, send me an email :



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