November 13, 2010

Saturday Sightings Week # 2

Last week I shared some sightings from my garden. This week, I'm sharing sightings from our favorite water park.

This is where I bring the homeschoolers for swimming. It's a beautiful and fun place. It has more than just swimming pools. We have been to this place countless times already, but it's only yesterday that I noticed the following:

We were guessing what they mean by SUCCASCS. The closest word we could think of was suitcase. What do you think?

 This is what you do with your head cap....

Do not step on the toilet seat or else....

It's funny but I don't want to laugh because my host city is really trying to be friendly with foreigners. This is a lot better than few years ago where I had no clue what's going on around me and what rules to follow.

Share your sightings this week. They don't have to be recent photos. Browse your files and share a one or 2 that you find odd or interesting. Read more details on how to join here.


  1. I guess that's what it means, since suitcase is associated with bag :). Nice water park! I can't go to flower expo, it's raining here and might as well prepare my presentation and other homeworks :)

    Happy Weeken Ruth!

  2. hahahaha! ok, i'm also trying not to laugh.:p
    where is your host country, if i may ask?

    i will try to participate in this meme next week. will probably post in my other blog-- Live in the Moment.

    thanks for the invite.

  3. I love that people try to speak/write English for us. Americans can sometimes be rather snobby as tourists!

    I do love language--hearing non-English speakers speak our language gives me a wonderful glimpse into the structure of another language. My sons got a kick out of the strange sentence structure in an instruction manual for a toy. :)

    Love the photos!



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