November 29, 2010


 My native English-speaking friends laughed when they heard me used the word "malling". There's no such English word as "malling", said the Brit, the American, and the Canadian. But I heard it first in the Philippines and it is commonly used there. It means spending a good amount of time inside a mall for shopping and fun or just pure relaxation.

Living in a big hot city, "malling' can be an inexpensive way to have fun. It's air-conditioned, free entrance, and you don't have to spend a penny to enjoy the view.

We have huge malls in our area, and almost every week they change their theme to attract shoppers.

The last time we went to this particular mall (used to be the largest in Asia), they had this theme. We all got excited when we saw this sign at the main entrance.

 Then they also had an art exhibit. Free fun, it is! This is the kind of field trip that is readily available for us. We don't need to drive far to do that. This is one way of taking advantage  living in the city. There's so much to see. Well, there's also much we try not to see.

Here's one painting that the girls picked as a favorite.


  1. How fun to go malling and look at an art exhibit! Now if our malls did more of this, I might even go. I have a tendency to avoid them like the plaque! Too many people for me.

    Have a great week!

  2. Hehe yes I agree with the word "malling". When they go to the mall they just say shopping lol!! Happy Monday!
    MYM-Array of food

  3. There are some cool things in that mall. You are right it is cheap and can be fun, especially if you enjoy people watching.

  4. i used that word too, paano ba naman tayo we can make up of our own pinoy words diba

    You may view my Blue Monday @ J&J

  5. Wow. which mall is this te? The Mall Bangkapi?

  6. Looks like a fun time for all. I like the Malling...
    A Fun Festive Time

  7. Lovely photos. Some days you don't know whether to say malling or mauling.there...hehe....Happy Blue Monday.

  8. How interesting is that. Never dreamed there was any place that did not know about malling.

  9. Great choice, the painting is lovely...
    Your girls are so sweet :)

    We don't use the 'malling' word here. We've just said- going to the mall...

  10. Thank you for teaching us this new word!
    We will start an American "trend" with it now...ha ha!
    Your malls seem to be much larger and more extravagant than ours!


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