November 4, 2010

It Comes In All Shapes

We're joining Chris in her beautiful meme called Mommy Moments. The title of this post is the theme for this week. Well, when you have big kids in the house you forget about the basic shapes, don't you? So this is a good review for teacher-mom. I browsed my files and here are what I found.

Squares from the homeschoolers' mosaic tile project.

Circles from the balls that these jugglers, drawn by our homeschoolers, were juggling in their hands. They learned how to make an illusion of the balls being juggled by pinning and  rotating a roulette at the back of the paper.

 Hearts from the surprise box that Naomi did to surprise me.

And all kinds of irregular shapes from the stained glass project that they made from last year.

Now, before you click on the the badge below to visit other moms' posts on shapes, I would like to invite you to join me in our brand new meme called Saturday Sightings that will commence tomorrow.
mommy moments


  1. those are beautiful art works. you have talented and artistic students.

    mine is posted here...

  2. wow nice shapes! ang cute nmn nung stain glass :) here's mine -

  3. beautiful drawings and wonderful artworks. you must have a bunch of talented kids out there. :)

    hope you can check my entry:

  4. Wow, beautiful arts! That makes your kids creative!

    My Mommy Moments post here

  5. Nice artwork :) Your kids are indeed artistic :)

    Babies and shapes

  6. wow! carefully thought and conceptualized! very impressive.. happy MM!

  7. wow, what great art projects.. can you share where you get the ideas for these projects? id like my kids to make them too :D


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