November 18, 2010

Giant's House

The girls felt so little when they visited a giant's house.

Can you see Zoe? She was trying to use the giant's slippers.

The giant's stool felt like a bed for Naomi.

This is a very good place to play hide and seek.Can you find them under the table?

Zoe looks like a little mouse on the giant's rocking chair.

Here comes the giant!!!
Naomi thinks the giant's shoes are not the best place to hide.
They stink!!!

mommy moments
This is our entry for Mommy Moments. This week's theme is "So Little".
My apology for the poor quality of the photos. All photos taken inside the giant's house were like there. That's one mystery we have yet to solve.

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  1. Is that a tripod on Zoe's left? This is one heck of an interesting place for kids. Love it!

  2. This is so nice! Where is this place? You have beautiful girls, too!

  3. where is this place? I want to bring Elijah there too. cute! they look really small inside the giant's shoes. hihi! visit me too on my first mommy moments post. :) thank you!

  4. Hazel: The thing on Zoe's left is a set of keys.

    Mai: This is in Dreamworld, Bangkok, Thailand.

    Thanks for your comments.

  5. Cool post and pictures!

    I love the giant's house! I'll definitely make sure to go by his place if I get the chance to visit Bangkok!

    Nice mommy moment!

  6. Oh my, this must be a very fun moment for them!

    Tiny weeny Burritos

  7. OMG! It looks so real! Akala ko Digi-editing. Wow, how lucky that your kids experienced those.

    My Mommy Moments

  8. wow really nice place to visit someday! :D happy mommy moments!

  9. sana magkaron din ng ganyan dito sa philippines :D very wondeerful and fun place for photo opps...kakatuwa.



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