November 4, 2010

Field Trips

One program that our homeschoolers look forward to is our bi-monthly field trips. But much to the girls' delight, in 2 weeks time, we did two trips!

Our first trip, last week, was by a lake. Beautiful sky. Beautiful sunny day.

The girls had a good time feeding fish that day.

Then this week, we went to a small park where the girls enjoyed chasing doves. Zoe was proud to show a feather in her hand.

 The doves were roaming around the park.

The girls were thrilled to chase white doves.
They saw only black birds at the other park where we went on our last field trip.

It was a very fine day and the breeze was a bit chilly.

They also had a real good time enjoying the beautiful flowers.

Then we went to the nearby pet market where they were excted to see different pets for sale. Well, this is the nth time we took them there and it is always a delight.

And this is to my delight! That day was a plant day where the biggest flea market in the city are selling all kinds of plants from different provinces. I had a blast buying beautiful but cheap plants for my garden. Yay!

It's good to be out from the classroom, isn't it? We came home that day, refreshed and ready to start another lesson the following day.

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 Thanks to the Skywatch team for hosting.

Camera Critters
Many thanks to Misty Dawn for hosting Camera Critters.


  1. Very nice pictures. I like it coz it's green and colorful. Dito sa amin sis, mag-winter na. I'm your newest follower po.

  2. Wonderful photos, looks like a great day!

  3. Wonderful shots of a fun day for all of you.

  4. Gorgeous shots, you have lovely kids,.


  5. That looks like a lovely field trip for you and the children. Such happy photos!


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