November 26, 2010

Christmas Projects

In my previous post  for Friday Farmgirl@Heart last week, I shared what I did to the Christmas fabrics I've gathered in few years. This week, I've been sewing and am delighted of what I've finished.

There's more to sew but I think my couch looks ready for the season!

I've also mentioned before that eggshells can be good fertilizers for you garden. Now, here's another idea you can do with those eggshells. With the important season that is coming, I know you'll be baking more than you do the rest of the year so, why not so something with those eggshells.

This project was completed in an hour by my homeschoolers. 
See details here.


  1. Hi, Ruth! I've missed you! Sorry I haven't made the last couple of Tea-Talks...I will join back in next Thursday, promise! (I love Tea Talk, it's one of my favorites.)

    Your pillows are are talented with thread! And the eggshell characters are adorable, what a creative idea! I remember, back in my girlscout days, blowing out eggshells and getting them all clean and disinfected, then making the beautiful designs on them...the craft is called Pysanki, it originated in the Ukraine. There are lovely photos here:

    I think, if I can remember back that far, ;-) that it involved melted wax and toothpicks, then dye. Intricate, but lots of fun to do!

    Thanks so much for linking up this week, I'll take tea with you on Thursday, Lord willing!


  2. Goodness, I love those pillows! You are very talented; I have none with needle and thread. Maybe one day...

    Blessings to you!!


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