October 16, 2010

Homeschoolers' Update

 I haven't been around visiting blogs. The busyness of life this past 2 months had really took my blogging time away. I'm glad that I'm less busy now and things have started to slow down a bit. Hopefully I'll be back in my blogging routine soon. For now, let me give you a little update on our homeschoolers.

Ben graduated from high school in April this year. He's turning 17 this December so we thought we have enough time to enjoy him more at home and send him to college next year. He's a great help in preparing materials for our English classes at the learning center.

He's now enrolled in an Art School where he enhances his skill in drawing cartoons.

Naomi is still finishing her level 5 lessons. She turns 11 next month and is almost my height now. She loves going to her jazz dance lessons on Sundays.

 I didn't ask her to do this but I was just happily surprised that she took the initiative to help the littlest ones in my classroom.

She's now my able assistant who composes good songs for our class.
Zoe is 8 and is starting level 3 once we purchase the next batch of materials, hopefully next month. She looks forward to attending dance lessons on Saturdays.

She (the one on the floor wearing red shirt) enjoys joining my English class and playing with my students.

But most of the time, when she's done with her lessons, she is content playing by herself.

Periodically, we take them out for educational field trips.

But most of the time they're just at home making the most of their free times learning other skills.

For our relatives and friends who are wondering how my 3 children are, hope this little update gives you a hint that they are doing great and loving their lives! Thank you for remembering them in your prayers.

There are no seven wonders of the world in the eyes of a child.  
There are seven million.  
Walt Streightiff 

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  1. We friends, too, are so happy to have this update on your wonderful children! How kind of Naomi to become an aid to you in the classroom! And MY, what a large gathering of students you now have!


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