September 12, 2010

Little Ballerinas

In my previous post, I mentioned about the "Dream Concert" that Naomi and Zoe participated in.

Here's a picture of them just after having made-up. One of the mothers volunteered to do the dancers' make-up, and insisted that she should add more on what I already put on the girls'. They would look pale with all those lights on the stage, she said.

The girls were uncomfortable with their mascara and quite shy to pose on the camera. But still, they gave me their best smile before the show.

These cute little girls are surely not shy. They loved their make-up and they enjoyed posing for their parents. Aren't they so cute?


  1. ok I will try again uuug Blogger

    You 2 look so adorable...

  2. Pretty costumes.

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  3. oh, aren't they pretty in those blue costumes! love it

  4. They are so adorable!

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  5. These kids are so cute!! Love those smiles!
    Red Tractor

  6. Hi, Ruth~

    They are all just so adorable! I love the outfits....cute!


  7. Oh, so sweet!
    Brings back lots of lovely memories to me!
    Hope you all enjoyed the special performance!


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