August 22, 2010

Sports Day

We used to have sports on Mondays for 2 years.

Badminton was one sports our homeschoolers love!

We would go to the nearest sports center and learn from a professional instructor.

We have not done sports lately after Ben finished high school and our friend David stopped learning with us and went back to regular school. We had the girls enrolled to a jazz dance lesson instead.

I just thought it would be fun to remember those days when they were all a bit younger than today. And these photos just fit for: Weekend Reflection and Shadow Shots Sunday.


  1. A fit body is important to a fit mind. It is good you encourage sports and exercise. Wonderful pictures. They make one want to get up and do something. :-)

  2. Fun shadows and reflections! Always wonderful to look back and remember the fun! Have a great day!



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