August 6, 2010

Field Trip to the City, Beating the Storm, and a Giveaway

We took the girls to the city center this week. We took the expressway to save half the travel time. It would take almost 2 hours if we took the motorway.

We were at the flower fair in honor to the queen's birthday on August 12. They had amazing flowers on display but will save that for another post.

We bought a gift for a friend...

...and some stuff from the grocery.

 On our way home they had some doughnuts.
The girls enjoyed our day with their visiting cousin with us on this trip.

Teacher-dad had to drive fast but carefully to beat the storm that is on its way to hit the city.
Heavy rain started to pour just in time we got home!

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Watch the sky around the world here:

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  1. having a great fun, I bet!! But that sky is very scry indeed!!

    love your black and white header too :)


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