August 24, 2010

Fanciful Field Trip to a Fabulous Flower Fair

That's a lot of F's for ABC Wednesday!

Two Fridays ago, we were at the first-class fashion mall in the city where they had a fabulous flower fair in celebration of the birthday of her majesty, Queen Sirikit.

Fantastic display of flowers everywhere in the mall!

We didn't know about the event but were just fortunate to be there.   

This display is a mix of orchids and fragrant flowers.

You can tell how the girls had so much fun!

This one is my favorite

It's made of orchids, banana stalks and rolled banana leaves.

Here are some of the close-up shots I took:

I was fascinated with this one. The whole bunch of pink flowers was just a little bit bigger than a dollar coin! This is a tiny, mini- orchid. I'm sure it's only as big as it is in your monitor. 

We have an added attraction here. Thanks to these two gorgeous flower-ladies for posing for me. Such friendly, pretty faces!

Thanks for virtually joining our family. Hope you had fun, too!


  1. ah, this was nice.. a lot of fragrant flowers and some very fantastic photography too.. loved it, definitely had fun with ur family :) thanks for sharing..!

    My ABC Wednesday Post

  2. What a Fabulous, Fantastic Flowery post for the F Day! Your photos are superb and such gorgeous flowers! These Fantastic for any day! Thanks for sharing the beauty! Have a great week!


  3. The flower fair looks like so much fun. Fantastic shots and I love the last one of you and your girls and also the earlier one of your daughters striking poses. The orchids at the fair were gorgeous.

  4. What a wonderful visit and thanks so much for sharing! The flowers are spectacular and I wish I could have seen them myself.

  5. Flowers are always a welcome sight, and you had a tremendous lot of beautiful ones.

  6. What a beautiful fair. The flowers are simply gorgeous.

  7. What a wonderful lovely gorgeous array of flowers. Thanks for sharing your lovely trip to the Mall.

  8. Flowers - natures way to smile. May time and life continue to treat you kind.

    daily athens


    On behalf of ABC Wednesday team, thank you! - ROG

  10. Fascinating Flower Fair. thanks for sharing.

    F for Flash Drive

  11. Fantastic collection of Flower shots, I love those big orchid!

  12. I love orchids, so I was in heaven looking at these pictures! All these gorgeous flowers remind me of the Ca. Pasadena Rose parade where all the floats are made of flowers. If you haven't seen it on t.v. in January check it out since you seem to love flowers like I do. Beautiful family too :)

  13. You are having fun!! I bet it smells good there with flowers all around you!! Thanks for sharing these :)


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