August 30, 2010

Dream Concert

Our weekends were focused more on the girls' participation on the "Dream Concert" that their school of music just had.

Naomi danced "Hula Hula". This was taken during rehearsals with her dance teacher, a choreographer of a famous reality tv show, Academy Fantasia.

One good thing about homeschooling is that we get to save the tuition money to pay on extra curricular activities that the girls really enjoy participating in.

Both girls love dancing! Here, my used-to-be-baby is dancing confidently on stage. She was the youngest but she did it very well without missing a step.
They're both happy and all-smile with their performances. They gave their best and now are looking forward to learn new routines in their dance classes.

I thought this photo was cute. These little girls were waiting for their turn to be on stage.


  1. nice splashes of rubies and the girls are adorable. Happy Merdeka!

  2. The girls are truly adorable!

    *See* you again mext time for RT!


  3. This is a lovely series. I am sure everybody enjoyed the show.

  4. What sweethearts, I bet they loved performing too.

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  5. Aww these are gorgeous! he beautiful smiles of your young ladies are contagious heheh.

  6. Wonderful shots.... The girls look very excited!

  7. That last photo is just too adorable for words!!

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    Have a great day.

  8. Love those shots and she do really love what she is doing, look at her smile that is precious!
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