August 11, 2010

D is for Drawing..... and more!

My dear son, Ben, has been diligent in developing his drawing skill these days. His desire is to someday work for a reputable animation and cartooning company. He is looking for opportunity to get more training. He would be delighted to see you check out more of his drawings here.

More D's here @ ABC Wednesday


  1. What a great D Day word. I for one cannot even draw stick people. So when I see some drawings of ones who can draw it is Delightful, especially someone so young as your son Ben. I hope that whatever his Dreams, they come true for him. The cartoon story of the Dreamer under the tree on Ben and Pen was nice and fun to read.

    Thanks for visiting my abc wednesdays blog.

  2. What a talented and imaginative son you have!I love his drawings.

  3. He's talented, nice one! Keep it up!

  4. Thanks for visiting Blackberry Creek and for your comment. You have a very talented son there. Good luck to him on fulfilling his ambitions.

  5. A wonderful talent to have and one with great possibilities. Wishing Ben success in his ambition,

    ABC Wednesday Team.

  6. Good luck w Ben's artistic DEVELOPMENT!

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  7. Loving to paint and draw myself, I'm very impressed with his cartooning. I think he has a future in the business.

  8. a lovely artist, that he is :) he'll certainly get to those dreams...


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