August 23, 2010

Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival

A big part of the grocery shop where I went this morning was all in red in celebration for the mid-autumn festival.

I saw many local Chinese costumers buying cartloads of fruits, sweets and rice cakes for gift-giving. Last year, we received a platter of goodies from our Chinese neighbors. I wonder if we'll receive one this time...


  1. What an outstanding display - would love to get a gift of anything there!

    Happy Ruby Tuesday,

    btw My RT is posted if you'd like to stop byHERE.

  2. Wow, look at all that red! Such a brilliant display for the festival.

  3. Yikes, is it mid-Autumn already?!

    I love all the ruby red. :)

  4. Wonderful red images for Ruby tuesdayx lynda

  5. i haven't savoured this year's moon cakes. They used to cost much less, but now they are incredibly expensive.

  6. The red is eye catching! When shopping for food, this brilliant store attracts me like no other color. I'd purchase a few things if I visited this ruby room...

  7. Very pretty displays. Red always attracts attention.

  8. I think you do because Chinese believes in giving and it will be back a hundred fold. But I like you to receive the "pakwa" the red envelope that has money inside ^_^ That would be cool!! Happy Tuesday!
    Ruby Tuesday

  9. Loads of red in there. Love it!


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