July 24, 2010

Subway Reflections

This was taken inside one subway station in Hong Kong. I'm always amazed how Hong Kong MTR works for its people.

This is in another station. Hong Kong is already a busy island but even busier underground! The railway system connects all places. You can reach your destination counting only minutes!

I took this photo early in the morning so it wasn't crowded at that time. During peak hours, almost all stations are full of people. It doubled the number of people and the congestion feeling when you look at the reflections on this glass partition between the platform and the railway.But many times when it's not crowded, I enjoyed taking photos of many interesting sights here. For today,  the reflections that caught my eye.

Happy weekend everyone!

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  1. Marvelous reflections and terrific captures! You have a great blog and I do enjoy my visits! Hope you have a great weekend! Enjoy!


  2. I can see why reflections would seem to add to the head count in a station...that could feel a bit over whelming at times. But, the numbers are just right for some beautiful reflections this time of day...nice photos!

  3. I used to ride the subway when I lived in NY and the station could get extremely packed. Nice pictures!


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