July 27, 2010

Something Red and Interesting!

While I was riding a bus in Hong Kong, I saw this red building from afar. I thought it was interesting.

It stood so red among all other buildings.

Here's something red from my kitchen today ; fried chicken dumplings. It is locally called gyoza but in our family we call it jaozhi. We love dipping it on black vinegar with chili powder.

One of my hobbies is taking picture of almost all my food before eating them. Everybody in the house knows that for they would have wait for me to snap a photo before they could eat. My camera always hangs on my neck so the waiting would only take few seconds though. Some good friends know that too because I do the same thing when I'm with them :-)

What odd hobbies do you have?

Thank you for stopping by. I really do appreciate all your visits. Lately, I noticed the traffic to our blog has greatly increased. The whole family is pleased. It brings more excitement to our day each time we see a comment left in our comment box.Thank you everyone. May you be blessed each time you stop by.

See more interesting red stuff here :


  1. I don't think photography is an odd hobby. Perhaps because it's one of mine.

  2. Oh that looks sooooooooooooooo good.The red building is cool also :)

  3. That building is unique and you're right it stand out among all the buildings around. The food looks very yummy!

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  4. What a great idea to paint it red! It can be seen from anywhere!!
    Oh, we got the same hobby..Even my family & friends will let me snap the food and then we'll eat! BTW, that dumplings looks super delicious ! :)


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