July 20, 2010

A Coffee Addict Confession and A Giveaway

 "I'm a coffee addict." I was shocked to hear this from a very respectable man. Of course, the word "addiction" is something negative that it's unlikely to hear this from him. But he was just joking to emphasize his love for coffee and I understood him better now because I'm now a big coffee lover myself!

My husband and I became coffee drinkers when we both went to graduate school where we burned many candles writing papers. It was also at that time where I had my 3rd baby. So, drinking coffee became a must to keep me/us awake and alert at night.

DH and I love to have coffee dates and sometimes we do sneak at night to a nearby coffee shop just to talk and together dream awake. There's one famous shop that I avoid going. They ask too many questions there. "Tall? Decaf? With cream? etc.etc." Just give me a cup of cappuccino! I went in to unwind and not to make any more decisions! Thanks to my coffee maker we can now enjoy fresh, brewed coffee at home anytime without the hassle of going out and spending much.

I love the smell of coffee. I have friends who are big coffee drinkers so we used to have this "Coffee with the Lord" once a week where we gather for coffee and share God's goodness in our lives that week. One of us can drink 10 cups a day, and another likes black and bitter without sugar. I like mine with cream but without sugar and I try to limit it to one cup a day only.

 How about you? How much coffee do you drink everyday?

BTW, we're having an exciting giveaway (first time!) for all our fellow learners and followers so watch out for the announcement anytime this week. You don't want to miss this!

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  1. lol Jacob loves the smell of coffee, he always head the the coffee beans at walmart lol


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