July 19, 2010

Basic Crochet For Young Learners

The girls are learning the basic crocheting as part of their Practical Arts subject for this month. We found a great site that has an easy tutorial. Check out this link: 

Happy crocheting! 


  1. Wonderful Love it! I will be a follower from now on :)


  2. do the kids take the public exams?

  3. Hi Ann,
    In our homeschool program, we enrolled the kids in one school where we buy all the materials for all 7-8 academic subjects. Each subject has 12 booklets to complete one level/year. At the end of each booklet there is an exam which they need to pass (90%) before they can move on to the next booklet. We have to send those exam papers to the school for recording. For Physical Education and Music/Practical Arts, we parents have to have a program for them to complete 4 hours of activities a week.

    They do public exams if ever we decided to send them to regular school.

    Hope this answers your question. Thanks for the visit.


  4. Oh have the girls tried finger knitting yet?

  5. Pretty colors. Are those local acrylic yarns?


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