June 21, 2010

Yellow, Yellow, Yellow...

Yellow, yellow, yellow
 What is yellow?
Solanum Mammosum

 Yellow Bell

(Thanks to Jama for helping me ID this flower)

 Yellow Iris

 Crawling Daisy

All these are sooo yellow!
Happy Monday everyone. Blessings as you begin your week!
May you have a bright golden one.

Yellow-colored objects appear to be gold.



  1. What an inspiring post and quote from Aristotle :)
    The first photo is interesting, what kind of plant is it?

  2. amazing yellowness!
    wonderful flowers for a good start of the week!

    Have a nice flower day!

  3. Beautiful shots and that yellow iris is amazing.

  4. Your yellow blooms are simply gorgeous!! I haven't seen that iris before...it's a beauty!

  5. Are those mickey shaped peppers? Teehee! These are some great shots of yellow I enjoyed your post today.

    Happy Mellow Yellow Monday!


  6. Great photo!
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    Have a good one!

  7. Beautiful flower garden. Very colorful.

  8. The third picture if I'm not mistaken, it's the Kalancheo Flowers.


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