June 16, 2010

Make Your Own T-shirt Design

This week, we officially started our homeschool program for this year. Although for the whole summer everyone never stopped learning new things, it is good to be back to our regular curriculum.

Ben, who just finished his high school requirements, is now waiting to be enrolled in the university.  But he is happy to join our Monday special classes. Only the two girls are doing their core subjects daily, while our friend, David, does his in his home and comes to join our Monday class.
This week, teacher-dad is in-charged of our Practical Arts. He chose to teach them t-shirt printing. 
So if you're looking for projects for your homeschoolers, this could be a fun and challenging one for you.

Here are the materials needed:
a plain cotton shirt                                     T-shirt transfer paper (this is not a paid Ad)

1. Make a design on your computer. It could be your own picture.

2. Print it on the t-shirt transfer paper and cut your design according to the size you want.

3. Iron your shirt to smoothen the surface you wanted your design on.

4. Peel off the back side of your design and paste it on the shirt.

5. Cover your design with a plain paper and iron on. 
Note: Make sure your printed design is totally dry before ironing or else it would stick to the paper when ironed. It happened on our first try.

Here's the finished product Looks like an official Fifa shirt!

Our homeschoolers have a whole week to prepare their design.
I'm excited to see what they have in mind.

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