June 5, 2010

Just A Little Overview of My Recent Trip

I shared in my previous post that I was on a  birthday retreat. Well, that was just a 2-day part of the 2-week trip.

It was sunrise when our plane left. As I watched the beautiful sunrise from the window, my heart was praying for my host country that was under political storm to welcome a bright morning soon. We never had a bit of a hint that the country's situation would get worse the day after we left. But still all prayers were heard.

It was just a 3-hour flight but seemed very long. I never enjoyed flying. I'm just glad to have a handy camera with me to keep me occupied.

I enjoyed the view from the top and was amused to see these clouds like white tadpoles floating by. I thought this would be great to share with fellow "skywatchers"  @Skywatch.

We landed 15 minutes earlier than the schedule and was welcome with a very fine weather; sunny and 24 degrees Celcius!

This is actually a work-related trip, not a vacation but was just glad to have a little down time and sightseeing.

The next day we headed up to the mountain where dear husband and I arranged a 2-day, 2 night retreat. My husband had tried to come to this place 17 years ago but it was only this time that we made it.

It's a beautiful retreat place and I took lots of pictures to share on my next post.

Most of our days were spent on meetings but we had one day off to go to Disneyland. A friend blessed us with free tickets. Well, my husband asked her to book 2 tickets for us as his birthday surprise for me. But our friend gave them for free!

All meetings went well. We had great times meeting good friends, old and new, young and not so young. I thank all of them for their warm welcome and generosity.

This is my nth trip and each time I made sure that I would not leave Hong Kong without visiting my favorite Victoria Harbour. Such a gorgeous place to sit, relax, watch the dancing colored lights reflected on the water and feel the warm breeze in a cool evening.

The last photo is my first entry for the meme .


  1. What marvelous reflections for the day! Love the colors! Sounds as though you had a very busy, but wonderful trip! Have a great weekend!


  2. I enjoyed your photos, especially your sky pictures and the last one for weekend reflections is truly awesome. The different colors rippling across the water is spectacular!

  3. I love the in flight photograph. Looks like you had a wonderful view from up above!

  4. Loved your photos!
    The night reflections are stunning!

  5. wonderful photos for Sky-watch. looks like you had a fabulous visit in HK.


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