June 19, 2010

Hong Kong Money

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One thing that a traveler needs to do first when traveling to another country is to know the currency exchange rate in that country. One also needs to familiarize how each note or coin looks like. So in case you plan to travel to Hong Kong for the first time, here are some of its latest bank notes:

It's interesting to see different designs of the same amount. So don't get confused.

I am told that different banks have their own bills.

The Lion's head design is the most common.
Did you notice the size? The bigger the size, the higher the amount.

Of all the 7 countries I've been, Hong Kong has the most colorful money, and the crispiest, too. They always look like fresh from the bank!

It's a good idea to keep at least one bill for souvenir!

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  2. We also love collecting money from every new place we've visited. It's been so fun to find you :)

    amy in peru

  3. Thank you for your kind comment on my blog. I think this is the coolest linking post. Do you do this every week? If you do, I will have to think about doing an entry for next week. Have a beautiful day.


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