June 8, 2010

Fashion, Flowers and Football Fever

I was at Times Square 2 Sundays ago. Not the Times Square in NY but the one in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.
My husband and I took the subway (MTR) on our way there and we passed through this long underground passage.

We came out from this famous fashion shop where my husband left me for a while. He had to go to the next block for a short meeting.

 I was happy to be left alone with my camera, taking pictures of flowers planted in front the building. The rain had just stopped when we got there.

There's not much flowers in that area so I started taking pictures of people passing by.

..noticing pink shoes..

 ...and high boots.

Then I noticed this! It's just one among many lined up outside the big mall.

And there's the biggest one!

I saw many people took pictures beside their favorite players.

When I saw these 2 ladies, I remembered when I was in Malaysia, this is the time where restaurants with big screen TV are always full of people. Football fever is high in Malaysia. "Makan Bola! Tidur Bola!" (Eat ball! Sleep Ball!) Mothers and wives would say this to their men.
I think football fever is almost everywhere. In Hong Kong, Mc Donald's is giving away glass souvenir so I brought home 2. I didn't know that Mc Donald's in Thailand does, too! LOL

The countdown should be 4 days by now.  Hmmm... I honestly didn't care much...

so I went back taking pictures of people....
..and framing flowers.

Wishing you all a bright and happy week! 

 As for us, summer vacation ends this week and we're excited (trying to be) to resume homeschooling!!!!

Enjoy more beautiful flowers here:


And more happy splashes of yellow here
to brighten your day!


  1. I love your photos. It's fun to look at people and take a picture of them lol! Instant fame at blogland. ^_^ Happy Monday!

    MYM~Asiatic Lily

  2. It's the football fever! lol
    love those sunflowers.

  3. It was a beautiful walk and the sunflowers are gorgeous.

    Thanks for visiting, check back often and be blessed.

  4. lina@women's perspectivesJune 9, 2010 at 12:39 PM

    I love seeing all your photos... you have great eyes :)

    Thanks for dropping by

  5. Hi from nff! Just want to say those sunflowers are beautiful.

    Come say hi when you get a chance!


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