June 11, 2010

Creations, Choices, Opinions, and Respect

I saw this impressive display of masks when dear husband and I had a meeting in one school in Hong Kong.
I didn't have the chance to ask what were these for; a contest perhaps. I thought they were all so cool that it was hard to pick a favorite. Students' work, for sure. Very creative!

I was amazed to see how unique each student's creativity was from one another. Oh, the manifold wisdom of God! He created us all beautiful yet different from one another.

The old lady in her security guard uniform came and pointed the mask on the left. She told me to focus my camera on this because this was the best one. So I did even if I didn't agree with her choice at first. But you see, I need to respect her opinion. She had been standing there looking at this grand display for I don't know how many days or weeks. For sure, she had looked into them one by one. I was just a visitor, passing by. She's part of that culture. She's the better judge than I was.

Had she not told me about her choice, what might be mine? Would I base my judgment on the colors? Simplicity? Message? I need time to decide. But I would like to say that I respect all nameless creators of these masks. Their work are all worth displaying.

How about you? What's your favorite? Take your pick. Whatever your choice is, you have my respect.

This is my entry for Color Carnival photo contest.
Please visit and enjoy more colors here:

Note: This entry won! Thank you to all who voted for this. This is our second time. Check our other winning entry here.


  1. I can't decide which one I like best as they are all so colorful and pretty.

  2. They are so gorgeous with creative designs. Love it!

  3. All wonderful! Guess what? You are the winner this month! Your photo will be the featured photo for the next Color Carnival (it will be posted at 6pm tomorrow). Congrats! :-)


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