June 12, 2010

Bee Wise: Protect Yourself From Monkeys!

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 I was alone one afternoon, taking a walk for sightseeing up in a mountain. I saw warning signs along the trail: PROTECT YOURSELF FROM MONKEYS.

I wanted to run back but I had already walked a long way so better to be brave and read the sign to learn how to protect myself from possible attack.

Here's what I learned:
If you are in the countryside and find monkeys nearby, they will not bother you if they are relaxed and they don't think you have food.
Monkeys get confused with loud noise and quick movements.

What to do when monkeys come near you?
  • Do not make loud noises.
  • Do not approach monkeys especially those with babies.
  • Do not throw objects or food at them.
  • Keep children away from them.
  • Do not stare at them.
  • Move away slowly  to keep some distance from them.

I noticed that of all trees I saw, only the eucalyptus trees have barks ripped off the trunk. I assumed monkeys like eucalyptus trees.

How about you? What new things you learned this week? Can you share a bit of your wisdom here? Click on the Bee Wise button above to see the details on how to join. It's simple and fun!

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