May 6, 2010

Fun Place of Colors

We took the family out for dinner and we didn't expect to have more fun than the usual family date. A nearby mall just opened a huge fun place for all the children...and adults, too!

  It's cute to see big men riding those little cars! 

There's much more fun to do at the same price of those other smaller play ports.

This is my favorite area; the interactive corner where children could do fashion modeling, radio announcing, pizza and cookie baking, and many more. I will have a separate post on this next time.

My girls definitely love to try everything in it! You can tell they are having fun, aren't they?

Enjoy your week!

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  1. What a cool place! I'd ride the train if I were there!

  2. wow, that's all I can say! :)

    Happy and colorful CC weekend!
    Greetings from Casa, Morocco!


  3. I see that not all kids are the ones who are enjoying the place the adults too ^_^. Happy Mother's day!

    Color Carnival~Daffodil

  4. I like the "Under the Sea" theme of the whole place. Happy Mother's Day!

  5. How cool and so colorful! I want to go there and have some fun! :-)

  6. What great colors on all things !
    Just loved the Octopussys hanging from the ceiling :)
    Have a nice week !

  7. oh that looks like so much fun....very different.

  8. What a cute place! I love the turtles and octopus.... :)

  9. Congrats you are the winner at Color Carnival this week! Your photo will be the featured photo tomorrow :-)

  10. Congrats again for your win on the top photo for Color Carnival a couple weeks ago. I just wanted to let you know I've created a virtual prize for our winners to post or display in the sidebar of your blogs. Just head over to Color Carnival and scroll to the very bottom to pick up your prize!


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