May 14, 2010

Fun At The Umbrella Village

Two summers ago, we took our homeschoolers to an umbrella making center in Borsarng Chiang Mai, Thailand. Borsarng is known as the umbrella capital of Thailand.

It was a very good learning experience for all of us. We watched a step by step demonstration on how to make a decorative paper umbrella. The most interesting part was the painting part. It's amazing to watch skillful hands confidently handling paint brushes, briskly stroking colors against papers.

We bought one little blue umbrella for souvenir ( see the picture above).

Here's the fun part! Zoe's waiting for her turn while big sister was all-smile for her photo shoot.

Finally, it's Zoe's turn! Oppss!

 Have a colorful weekend, everyone!

Enjoy more colors here:


  1. Congrats again as the winner for this past week at Color Carnival - another beautiful post for this week! :-)

  2. I guess I'm taking umbrella for granted!! I never thought about this..they have place to show umbrella making process! wow, this is an eye opener! I'll surely visit this place when I have the opportunity!

  3. Congrats for being the winner this week!
    and I love those colorful umbrellas.

  4. ooops, LOL! :)
    Happy and colorful CC weekend!
    Greetings from Casa, Morocco!


  5. Beautiful photos for the CC. Thank you for sharing and Greetings from Los Angeles.

  6. Oh wow that is so pretty. I had a good laugh in that last photo. Love that one! Happy weekend!

    Color Carnival

  7. I want to go there! How beautiful with all the colors. Thanks for sharing. =)

  8. Hi !
    Congratulations for being the winner this past week !
    Really beutiful and colorful umbrellas you show us this week !
    Thank´s for your comment at my blog !
    I used Adobe Photo Shop Elements 6.0 to create my colorful collage.
    Have a nice week !

  9. I love your umbrellas! I'm a little partial to umbrellas myself..being from Seattle and rains a lot here. I'm always losing my umbrella. However, these pretty paper umbrellas are just lovely. I saw you visited my color carnival post and decided to see your site...what a fun blog. I admire you for the home schooling too! Sending smiles to you all the way from Seattle, Washington, USA.


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