April 4, 2010

Sweet Surprise For Sweet Brother

"Let's go out for ice cream."  

Everyone were delighted to hear Dad's invitation at 9pm. Too late for sweets! But we had over 35C-heat the whole day so DH thought it was a good time to cool off before going to bed and besides, we had a reason to celebrate.

The girls enjoyed pretending to eat Dad's mango-pandan ice cream. 
They thought it's a good pose for MYM.

Then another pose with mom's choice of ice cream.

This one was without  pretension. The smiles are from their happy heart.
We're celebrating Ben's high school graduation. The girls were happy to send off their big brother to a 2-month vacation back to our home country to stay with grandparents. Our first time to do this.
Another milestone for our family!

More yellow here!


  1. Your children look very happy home schoolers. You must be a very discipline and hardworking person.




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