April 27, 2010

Color Carnival # 1

We're joining Color Carnival meme! I dug up my files of pictures to look for appropriate photos for this meme. I found lots of them under one theme: Colored Days With Uncle Ben and Auntie Emma.
Ben and Emma were with us for many weeks and they helped greatly with our homeschool program. They're awesome couple who know a lot of things to teach. They're very talented and crafty. They made the children happily busy everyday. Here are some of the colorful projects our homeschoolers did with them:
Little creations made of wooden spoons.

Mosaic tiles.

Creepy friends made of recycled egg trays.

Juggling friends drawn with rollettes at the back.

We miss you here Uncle Ben and Auntie Emma. We're all excited for little Doodah.

More colored projects to show next time.....

Enjoy more feasts of colors here:


  1. wow, that's the way to do it!
    It's great kids create with their own little hands!
    Have a great week,
    greetings from Casa!


  2. wow, that's a bunch of colourful things!! I love the frames especially!!

  3. How wonderful! Love your color photos and love your learning center :-)

  4. Wonderful colorful works - I love it!


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