April 10, 2010

Bee Wise: Homeschool Success

Did you know that homeschoolers can also have proper graduation ceremonies like regular students do?

My son just went to one! Yes, my Ben just graduated form high school and joined other homeschoolers in a graduation ceremony.
Our whole family was excited for him! Finally he finished his high school and is very much ready to go to college at the age of 16! How did he do that at such young age? It's the beauty of homeschooling. Students are not bound to school calendar and can do his lessons according to the child's pace. My son is quite diligent  in his studies and there was a month where he studied day and night to finish all high school requirements.

At the school where we enrolled him as homeschooler along with his younger sisters, there were 24 graduates for this year. See Ben standing at the back, far right.

He has now his high school diploma or certificate that would qualify him to move up to the next level.

Because he finished earlier than expected, he has several months to enjoy before going to college.

Congratulations to the new graduate!

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  1. how awesome is this!!
    Congrats Ben!!
    The Lord is going to use you in a mighty way!
    Just put Him first always!!

  2. wow! congratulations.
    Homeschooling is really great. I even want to do that for my kid.

  3. How awesome! What a very handsome graduate Ben makes! (Makes me imagine my own "Ben" in the same shoes some 15 years from now, ha ha!) I will be teaching a LONG time, eh, Ruth? ::SMILE::
    I am so happy for Ben and your beautiful, wonderful family! I learn so much about JOY from you all! Thank you for sharing this milestone moment with us! I hope we will hear about Ben's college adventures from time to time!

  4. Wow, that's amazing and very inspiring.


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