March 22, 2010

So Yellow!

It is evident in our header that we love yellow!

Today, we took our homeschoolers to do scavenger hunt at the King's Park.The structure on the other side of the lake is the king's museum where all his hobbies are showcased.

Yellow is also the king's color. Two years ago, in honor of the king's 80th birthday, everybody in the country were encouraged to wear yellow every Monday. (Wow! This Mellow Yellow Monday meme is right on). That wasn't hard because most people (if not all) in this country love the king.
The scavenger hunt turned out challenging and fun. Homeschoolers were to gather all things in a plastic bag, things that begin from A to Z. They got an ant for A, a brick for B, and even millipede for M! They did it for an hour and off they went to go boating and for some fun.

While the boys were playing chess (again!), the girls were having fun with teacher-dad.

And I so enjoyed taking pictures of gorgeous flowers.

Now that's so much yellow in one day, isn't it?

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  1. very nice captures for MYM. breath takin' vibrant yellows. and those flowas r soo nice. happy MYM!

  2. Oh looks like yall had fun :) I Love Yellow also, LOL My template would be all yellow if I could make it that lol

  3. What gorgeous yellow photos! The flowers are stunning!

  4. I want to try the homeschool to my kids but I think it is still not introduced here in our area, thanks for the visit mrs. m

  5. those are lovely photos! your daughter is very pretty and i especially love the flower shot.
    thank you so much for the visit and hope we could exchange links!

  6. great shots! Lots of yellow! Happy MYM!

  7. lovely shots of yellow...and a very nice blog..thanks for the visit,come back again next time..


  8. Great pictures, the flowers are my favorite :)


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