March 26, 2010

Summer Fun & My Big Baby Boy Ben

Summer is undeniably here! We are in the hottest month of the year. I gave my homeschoolers a break as I do my summer project. So what do they do now? Here's a peek of what we usually do on summertime.
Book store hopping! No need to buy. Reading is free.

Skating! So cool to be on ice this time of the year!

Field trip. Fun and educational.

 Tea party in the yard. Safe, time and money-saving but fun. That's me, my 3 children and David, our homeschooling friend.

If it's too hot to go out, my girls love to have a tea party in their room.

Or enjoy slumber party! Honestly, I didn't know that they were eating lots of milkshake and ice cream here. How could they sleep with all these sweets?

A trip home would be a big summer treat!!! We did this last year.

Summer camp! Ben (in blue) went to an international camp last year. I'm checking out for one this year.

or the favorite summer fun... swimming! baby boy cooling off.

I used to carry him like this in my arms....

How fast he's grown up!

My baby is now going away to college. I'll be missing him deeply.

His study table will now be empty. I'll be missing not just a baby but also a student. For many years I homeschooled him. Now he's off, ready to go to a big school. I'm confident he'll do good and will be fine.

We're joining Mommy Moments here.

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  1. first time here and I'm really glad to know that you homeschool your kids. I would love to that too...

    We love skating as well, unfortunately the rinks are closed during summer! :D Time surely flies by so fast and your little boy is now a college boy! ;) I can feel the separation anxiety... :D Happy weekend!

  2. wow what a happy family you got...that is a great opportunity teaching children at i wish! sa Cebu man diay ni kay Cebu Pacific man...nice pis x kabayan!

  3. thanks for the visit..happy to see you in my blog...and happy to be ehre to! good luck for home schooling.

  4. Time flies so fast--I don't know for how many times I used that line to my daughters!!Kung pwede lang baby lang sila forever to held them in my arms!

    I love your post!!^_^

  5. Hi there, its nice to meet you through Mommy Moments. Glad you've joined the fun.

    You are so right, time flies so fast. Lovely photographs you have here. I just followed your blog.

    Summer Time Fun

  6. Lovely photos. looks like no dull moment this summer.

    I'd like to invite you to joinPixelbug Weekend. It's a weekly meme posted every Monday showing the highlight of your weekend through photos. Hope to see you this Monday.

  7. Oh, how time flies.. I can relate Mommy!

    I'd like to invite you to joinPixelbug Weekend. It's a weekly meme posted every Monday showing the highlight of your weekend through photos. Hope to see you this Monday.

  8. Hello! My first time to visit your blog.. :) I also contemplated on homeschooling before but since I have a fulltime job, I can't. But I love your idea of bookstore hopping. We do that too :) Happy Weekend!

  9. it's my first time here. you got a nice site, followed it.

    you home schooled your children? that's interesting. the tea party in the yard is fun. a great family bonding and you're right, a money saver too.

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  10. Wow! My daughter is requesting for her to try and learn ice skating! Love all the pics...yummy milkshakes!

  11. looks you guys are having a blast every summer :) oh btw sis, thanks for the wonderful comment. where you located? im interested on your arts and class :)

  12. waahh! can't take skating! scared to the bones..

  13. Hi mommy :) 1st time here :) Glad you'll have a fun-filled summer for sure :) love the field trip pic :) Thanks for visiting my blog :)

  14. Hello mommy! such a great post.. summer is special for everyone! :D


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