March 5, 2010

Homeschooling Works!

Special Edition
Did you know that although homeschooling is becoming more and more popular there are still countries that consider it as illegal?

Few days ago we read about a German family who wanted to moved to the US because they were not allowed to homeschool their children in their own country..."police came to their home one October morning in 2006 and took the children, crying and upset, to school". Read more here.

So, if you are happily homeschooling and your country allows parents to choose homeschooling as the way to educate their children, thank God for that freedom.

In our host country, homeschooling is legal but some of our neighbors feel sorry for our children because they don't go to "proper" school. One time, a school director in an international school offered me a teaching job so that my 3 children can get proper education at a discounted tuition fee. I didn't have to explain everything when I politely declined the offer. We are happy as a homeschooling family.

Some friends, too, are doubting if it really works. Here are glimpses of what we do in our family homeschool program:

I (teacher-mom) handle our homeschool program everyday.

Teacher-Dad takes over the class on special days. He usually leads the Monday "assembly" time. It's always a treat for me and for our  homeschoolers when he does that.

We are blessed to have many friends who came and helped us in our homeschool program. Miss Kirsty was with us for many days. She's a Math teacher in the UK. She came to help teach Maths.

Teacher Joy was with us for 3 months and she did a lot of fun and creative activities with us.

Francis was a friend of our friends. He came to our city for vacation and he volunteered to teach music, arts and sports.

(Uncle) Ben and (Auntie) Emma were with us for 6 weeks and we learned tons from them. From juggling to magic tricks, from artworks to IT, and lots and lots of life lessons .

There are more dear people who came and shared their talents with us. We will share more next time....

So, for us, homeschooling works! Our willing friends (God bless all of them) are just a bonus blessing but even with just the parents alone (or even one of them) teaching, it still works!

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