March 26, 2010

Have You Seen a 4D Movie?

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Did you know that there is now a 4D movie? 

We recently went to watch one and it was an amazing experience. The whole family were talking about it for days!

If you've seen a 3D movie and enjoyed it, this is far more interesting. Here's what we saw and experienced:

The story was about an accident inside a Science laboratory where one clumsy scientist accidentally knocked down a vial and the liquid spread all over the insects under test. These insects then grew bigger to a giant size. So everything went wild. There was explosions and broken glasses everywhere. Like in 3D movies, you would think that those insects are coming so near to get you, right? Here, aside from the smoke inside the movie-house that made us felt like we were actually inside the laboratory, the insects would spit on us and we actually got wet on the face! Yuck!!! When the scientist tried to swat the flying creatures, we felt the impact of that swatter right on our face! And when those crawling bugs and roaches were focused, we felt them crawling on our feet! Oh, how we all screamed, children and adults, men and women. But it wasn't as scary as you would think. No children cried! We all laughed at ourselves. It was a comedy movie and the actors did a good job making us laugh and scream the whole time.

Here's what I discovered. The backrest of the chair in front of me have holes for air and water spray. The amount of air and water sprayed is computer-controlled. Then at the bottom of the backrest have strings that move at certain times so you would think something is scrawling on your feet. It creepy but fun because there's always a surprise. You wouldn't know what happens next. I jumped with surprise when I felt a sudden blow of air from behind my neck. My backrest has holes too!

So that's my latest interesting discovery. What about you? What did you discover or learn this week? Can you share it here? Just write a post about it and come back here to leave a link so we can all visit your site and learn from you. See more details here on  how to join.

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  1. wow thanks for sharing :) really 4d! cool!

  2. that would be cool to link The Abraham Lincoln post :)


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