March 30, 2010

Family's Favorite Spot in Hong Kong

As I was looking through my files for photos that would fit as an entry for Wednesday memes, I found some photos that brought back sweet memories when my children were a lot smaller than today. "Oh, my babies, how much they've grown now!"

 This was taken by my dear husband in January 2005 in Victoria Harbour , Hongkong. We have been to HK several times already and this is always our favorite spot especially at night. We love the spectacular view from this side. The kids loved watching the dancing colored lights of tall buildings and the big and small boats crossing by. I especially love the warm breeze from the sea on cold evenings like this.

Look at my big boy Ben. How fast he's grown. He's now entering college.

My sweet little girl Naomi is now turning 11.

And my baby Zoe is now 8!  I'm glad I've captured this sweet moment and I have this space to share my mommy-heart with you.

I hope you enjoyed the watery view in the background as much as I enjoyed watching my little ones once again. Thank you for allowing me to indulge in such a wonderful mommy feeling.

K for KEEP
As for me, I want to be a keeper of sweet memories.
Memories are like sand castles - only by putting them in a safe place can you prevent them from washing away.-- Author Unknown

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  1. HEY!NO Fair, you left me at home lol.
    Love the top photo, its my Fav :)

  2. Marvelous post, beautiful children -- and yes, they do grow so quickly!! Love the colorful views of Hong Kong! Delightful photos! Thanks for sharing the beauty! Enjoy your week!


    I can't get over how much these dear children have grown!!!!!
    I can see the JOY of your family even way back then! YOU ARE GLOWING WITH IT RUTH! SO LOVELY!
    Thanks for sharing this with us!
    HK is QUITE something to see!!!!!!!!!

  4. HK is a beautiful place. Love to visit there one day. Great shots.

    My entry

  5. What beautiful memories to Keep in your heart (and photo albums)! I love the sparkle and glow of Hong Kong at night.

  6. Great family picture and those smiles are gorgeous!

    ABC Wednesday~Keyhole

  7. Beautiful...So nice with all the lights behind.

  8. Such a sweet post! Your children are beautiful - and yes, I enjoyed the gorgeous view behind them, too!

  9. What sweet and charming post of your family. And I love Hong Kong harbour at night!

  10. Those KIDS are KEEPERS, for sure!
    On behalf of the ABC Wednesday team, thank you!


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