March 12, 2010

Batik Painting Made Easy For Kids

My homeschoolers are now bored using crayons, water colors or any other common color medium. So I thought I could make use of the Batik Painting Kit I've been keeping for time like this.
Here is a basic step to Batik Painting
First you need to have the following materials.

1.Batik Dye or any fabric dye
2.Plain white cotton or silk cloth
4.Wax pot
5.Paraffin wax
6.Various painting brush
7. Wooden frame
8. Thumbtacks

I got mine as a complete kit during my trip to Kuala Lumpur. But I'm sure you can buy these as individual purchase.

Here's how tjanting tools look like. you can purchase it online.
I only have 3 wooden frames at home and I have 4 homeschoolers with me, so I used a picture frame. Just make sure to use the back side so you don't ruin the front of the frame.

Step 1. Stretch the cloth on to the wooden frame by using the thumtacks holding the cloth in place.

Step 2. Draw a picture outline with on the cloth. That's my Zoe showing you how to do it.

Step 3. Melt the wax in a pot on a medium heat setting. I use a stainless bowl over a pan of boiling water.

Step 4. Use Tjanting tool to scoop the wax and follow the pencil outline of your picture. Make sure you you don't cut the flow of the wax along the line. You need a rag to wipe 
off excess wax from the tjanting to prevent dripping.

This is Naomi carefully working on her picture.
When all lines are waxed, let it set for a few minutes.

Step 5. Paint as you like! This is the fun part.
The reason why you need to make sure all lines are waxed its because the wax serves as the boundary to prevent your dye to bleed.
Here's David painting his spider design.

Step 6. Once you're done painting your picture, let it set under the sun.

 Step 7. Remove wax. There are 2 ways to do it.
a. Use sufficient amount of water to fill the cloth. Boil the water and place the cloth into the pot. Stir the cloth until wax floats. Scoop out the wax with a spoon until wax is removed. Remove the cloth to dry.

b. This is how we did it this time. Use some blotting paper to sandwich the cloth in between. Use a hot iron to press the cloth. Heat releases the wax adhering to the paper. Repeat until no more wax found on the cloth.
Your kids needs adult supervision for steps 3 & 7.

 Here are the finished products:




You can frame it,  sew it on your shirt or use it in any way you want. Here's what I did to the Batik painting that my kids made 3 years ago. I sew all four cloths together on a commercial batik cloth and made it as a table runner.  I use it also as an electronic keyboard cover. It has been washed many times and I think I can still enjoy it for many more years.

Read more on Batik Painting here: Easy Batik Making


  1. aww i wish i would have done this when i was a kid!!
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