February 11, 2010

Saint Valentine's Day Project

Last year, we made elegant cards. For this year's Valentine project, we baked Valentine cookies.

We used sugar cookies recipe and made heart- shaped cookies. Well, homeschoolers wanted to add some more designs, so they did have butterflies and flowers, too.

The cutting of dough was fun but everyone got very excited to see the tray came out of the oven. Oh, how the sweet smell of cookies filled the air of our learning room.

The next part was even more exciting. Here, they got to mix their own colored glaze.

"It's like painting!!!!" The youngest declared. I thought they will only use pink and blue colors but they went all the way!!!

Here are the girls'.... ..... and the boys'

We'll be making more cookies this weekend to give away to our friends. Happy Saint Valentine's Day to all!


  1. Those look yummy, what kinda frosting did yall use?

  2. The cookies look so yummy! They did a beautiful job and it looks like they had so much fun making them.
    Blessings on your homeschool,

  3. Thanks, Katia, for stopping by...

    Hi Jacob! We used the simplest glaze. Mix 1 tablespoon icing sugar, 1 teaspoon water, and a drop of food coloring. You can add a bit of icing until you get the right consistency. Enjoy homeschooling!

  4. ohoh I will take the orange butterfly one :D


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