February 5, 2010

Running Shoes

Did you know that Nike made their first shoe using a waffle maker?

In1960, Phil Knight, a long distance runner, wanted running shoes that would grip the ground better and slip less. One morning, he took a waffle iron, put a piece of rubber into it, heated it, and produced a waffle-shaped pattern. Soon, Knight and a friend went into business making a new type of running shoe. The sole had waffle- shaped treads and did not slip easily. knight called the shoes "Nike" after the Greek goddess of victory. *

This is encouraging, isn't it? There's so much possibilities that we can do in the kitchen.
So, keep experimenting!

Note: Phil Knight was already an adult when he did this. Always ask for an adult supervision when you do experiments similar to this.

time2run_shoes.jpg image by nzj1

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Information source: Discover How Things Work, Publication Int'l Ltd


  1. WOW! He must have been a grown-up because kids should not put rubber into waffle irons, ha ha ha!

  2. LOL. Yes, Judy. Thanks for the prompt. I added a note below the post.

    This is fun!


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