February 26, 2010

Join Bee Wise

Did you know that there's a meme called 'Bee Wise' every Friday?
Yes, there is! And you are invited to join. Read on to know more about it.

Every Friday we have a gathering here where we share what we learn during the week. I know you are learning many things each week but you just need to pick the most interesting one and write a post about it. It doesn't have to be long. Just one sentence or two is enough. You can add pictures if you like. And if you don't know how to begin your post, just start with "Did you know that...". That's it! Then mention our link so your readers can also visit others who are on the list. Right after you publish your post, come back here and leave your link and we'll all visit your blog. Isn't that exciting?!

Click on the names on the list below to see what others have learned this week.


  1. thank you for visiitng my cottage:)
    Yes I think I will participate in this (even though my kiddos are all grown and my homeschooling days are done...for now...there IS a grandbaby coming in September, Lord willing !) I will try to link up if not for today then next Friday.
    I miss teaching...somedays ;)

  2. We'll be happy to learn form you, Miss Tina. we look forward to read your entry.


Your comment is very much appreciated. But please know that my young homeschoolers will be reading this also. Thank you.
Looking forward to visit you.