February 19, 2010

Bee Wise : Frog Wise

Are you afraid of frogs? I know of someone who loves playing with them. I also know of someone who is more afraid of frogs than snakes. I'm not afraid of them. In fact I always find them in my garden.

Did you know that frogs don't drink water?
Yes, They don't. They absorb water through their skin so they don't need to drink!

I took this picture few months ago. See how long its back legs are? This is why frogs can jump up to 20 times its body length in a single leap.

If you want to read more interesting facts about frogs, here are the two best sites I found:

Characteristics of Frogs.

Join us here every Friday by sharing what interesting thing you learned this week. It doesn't have to be long. A sentence or two will do great. If you don't know how to begin, just start with "Did you know that......" Publish it in your blog with the Bee Wise button and give your readers a link to this host blog. Then come back here to leave a link so everyone could visit your site and learn from you. You will find this very simple after you did it once. Sounds exciting, right?
Oppps, before you go, check out the list below to see more interesting lessons learned this week. Happy learning!

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