February 24, 2010

David and His Violin

When David first came to our learning center, that was 2 years ago, homeschoolers were excited because they would have a new friend and learning would be more fun. And it's true. Our Mondays are always special because David joins us on that day. His parents wished that he joined us everyday but because they live quite far from us, he could come only once a week.

David is not only very good in his academic subjects but also in music. This week he brought with him his violin for our Show and Tell.

He showed everyone the correct way of handling the bow and the violin.

Naomi then realized that it's not as easy as she thought. Zoe was a bit disappointed that it was too big for her. Ben was just happy to try the notes with his guitar.

It was fun!!!! Soon, the girls went upstairs to get their recorders. Music filled the air.

I'm sure you're eager to listen to David' play his violin.

Naomi was so touched that she cried listening to his music.

Here's a sample for you.

We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. If you wished to send David your appreciation and encouragement, visit his blog by clicking his blog button.


  1. Cool, I want to take guitar lessons :)

  2. Hi Jacob!
    It's sweet of you to stop by my other blog to ask how my week was. I'm doing great! thanks for asking. i hope you are, too.

    Ben and David learn to play guitar with the help of tutorials at Youtube. You can try that, too.


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