January 23, 2010

Swimming For Free

Our homeschoolers need to complete a 4-hour actual sports every week. And for this quarter, swimming is our favorite sports.

This is the place where they swim. Isn't it a beautiful place. Don't you know that we only paid an annual membership for 3$? Yes, and that unlimited use of the pool for one year!

If you looked closely, you'll find the boys talking on the top floor.

And the girls waving on the second floor.

They're all ready to go to the top to slide down and shout weeeeeee!!!! It's so much fun!

Here are some more pictures we took from last week:

Would you believe that this is located on the top floor of a big mall near our learning center? It's almost unbelievable to see how strong the water pressure here.

Although this is a public place, the mangement has done very well in keeping the water clean. They treat it with chlorine everyday.
Did you see Zoe feeling cold by the elephant?

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