January 26, 2010

Share What You Learn

Hello everyone! Beginning this Friday, January 29, 2010, we'll be having a sharing of what we learn during the week. So, we are inviting everyone, especially homeschoolers, to write a post in your blog about your new discovery or fact/information that you think is interesting. It doesn't have to be long; a sentence or two, or a short paragraph would be great. If you want to include a picture, that would be excellent! Just start with "Did you know that...". That's it! Then mention our link so your readers can also visit others who are on the list. Right after you publish your post, come back here and leave your link and we'll all visit your blog. Isn't that exciting?!

Copy the bee button now and start thinking of brilliant ideas you want to share. Wow! I'm already looking forward to reading your post!!!See you on Friday.

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Your comment is very much appreciated. But please know that my young homeschoolers will be reading this also. Thank you.
Looking forward to visit you.