January 24, 2010

Making Noodles From Scratch

How do you cook your noodles?

We lived in China before and in that area, it's a shame to buy an instant noodles or boil pasta. Everybody knows how to make their own noodles from scratch. Fast, fresh and delicious!

At our learning center this week, we tried to relive those good days of eating handmade noodles.

This kind of noodle dish looks like spaghetti but taste far more yummy. It is said that Marco Polo traveled to this part of China and loved this noodle dish so he brought the recipe home where it later developed as spaghetti.

First, we made sure we have fresh ingredients and lots of tomatoes for our sauce.

Homeschoolers enjoyed slicing, making sure the vegetables are in right size for a chunky bite.

While working, they continue to learn what specific nutrients that each vegetable has for our body. It didn't take long to get things done because everyone helped. They've done a beautiful job slicing the vegetables and the meat. See how happy they were?

And now for the fun part:

Each one has a cup of flour to work on. The dough is made only of All Purpose Flour and salt water (taste like seawater). They enjoyed kneading and rolling and pulling and competing who can finish first. At this time the meat and vegetables are being cooked in the kitchen.

Oh, how they enjoyed the fruit of their labor! See how well they use their chopsticks?


  1. Great Job, Jacob and I have not tried making homemade noodles yet, Do you happen to have a recipe :)

  2. Hi Renee,
    There are different noodle recipe on the internet, also different ways of making it. We did how the traditional Chinese way, just salt water and flour (APF). Mixed water and salt until it taste like salt water. Estimate i cup flour for 1 person. So in your case, make 3 cups of flour. Make a well of your flour and slowly pour salt water until it forms to a dough. Knead until smooth.

    You will find many tutorials in Youtube on how to make hand-pull noodles. I'm sure Jacob will enjoy it.

    Have a great weekend.

  3. Great, I will let him know about this :)


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