January 19, 2010

Learning Merchandizing and Charity

Some time last year, a friend who is into a jewelry business (specializing in pearls) trained us how to make accessories and fancy jewelries using beads, crystals and pearls. The girls enjoyed the lesson, especially Naomi. This is something she really likes to do.

The boys trained too but it didn't click to them as much as it did to the girls.

Our friend also taught our homeschoolers basic things on merchandising like pricing and selling the finished product.

In December last year, the girls busied themselves making jewelries. They've got orders from friends who planned to give them away as Christmas gifts.So the girls sold many pairs of earrings, bracelets, and necklaces.

They were so happy when they counted their profit which half of it they bought an electric stand-fan and donated it to our community library.

Here are the samples of their creations. The girls came up with the branding: Busy Little Fingers. Teacher-Dad helped them with the design and printing.

They also made earrings made of real good quality pearls. Teacher-mom is always there for quality control, of course.

As you read this, the girls continue to make more during their spare time so that they always have items on stock whenever someone is interested to buy.

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  1. those are cute, My favorite it the bottom left pic that has the Green and Yellow Bracelet,and matching earrings:)


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