January 30, 2010

How Does Your Translation Gadget Work For You?

The first time I translated my friend's blog from English into my heart language, I giggled in delight to "hear" my American friend ( that was you, Judy) spoke in my own language. That was really, really sweet. So I copied its code and pasted it in my blog. Oh oh, it was so funny! I didn't know that the translation was done word for word. The cooking term 'boil' was translated as the skin disease 'boil'! So imagine having a 'boil' in my noodle recipe!

But that didn't make me delete that gadget! I noticed how my readers from different parts of the world started coming in after I had the translation gadget in my sidebar. Also, it has become an interest in our family to see on our neocounter what country we are read today.

To our readers from different countries, you made our day each time we see your flag in our sidebar. We don't know who you are but we say a word of blessing to each of you and to your country. Thank you for following us!

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