January 31, 2010

Bee Wise: First Entry

Did you know that the word "piggy" in piggy banks comes from an old English word "pygg" which referred to a type of orange clay?

We learned about saving money this week that's why we searched in the internet about the oirigins of piggy bank. And here's what we found:

Around 15th century people made all kinds of useful objects out of clay (pygg), including dishes and jars to hold spare change. Around the 18th century, the word "pygg" now sounded the same as the word for the animal "pig". An unknown person(s) thought to shape a "pygg" jar, to look just like a real "pig". Perhaps an order came in for a "pygg" jar and the potter misunderstood.

So, no one really invented the piggy bank. The piggy banks' origin owes more to the history of language, than to an individual inventor.

Do you have a piggy bank at home?

Can you share one interesting lesson you learned this week?

Write a post in your blog and come back here to leave your link so everyone could visit your blog. Sounds fun, right?

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  1. OOPS...sorry we missed this...we will prepare something for next Friday for sure!
    GREAT FUN! And thanks for the Piggy Bank history!


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