December 13, 2009

We're home from our field trip!

Here's our field trip report!

This is how it looks when taking a 24-hour train from Thailand To Malaysia.

Inside the train, there's plenty of room to do many things.

Each passenger has a comfy seat during the day. And 2 seats are converted into a bed (lower berth) at night. There's also an upper berth. Zoe likes to go up and down the ladder when she's bored on her seat.

One of our favorite things to do on the train is sightseeing. We live in a big city so it feels good to to see lush green most of the travel time. Our camera didn't do justice to what our naked eyes did see outside our window.
There's so much to learn by just sitting by the window and watching the beautiful views outside.

And this is how it looks like once the train has crossed the border of Malaysia; more local people hop into the train. And that's another cultural experience that we find interesting.

Hope you enjoy your virtual field trip from Thailand to Malaysia.

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